"Shvabe-Zurich GmbH" (earlier TriAlpTek GmbH) presents the medical equipment during the International Exhibition "Arab Health-2014", held in Dubai.


Managing Director of  “Shvabe-Zurich” John McGough reported, that the visitors and guests of Arab Health traditionally show the high interest to the medical equipment. On January, 27th, the first business day of the Exhibition, more than 40 business meetings and talks with prospective customers took place, including customers from Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan.

In the first day of the Exhibition, one of the companies from Pakistan confirmed the order for Phototherapy Lamp OFN-02, Infant Warmer SNO, and also Infant Intensive Care Incubator IDN-02 and the company from Jordan placed order for four Infant Intensive Care Incubators.

Besides, in Dubai, “Shvabe-Zurich” signed distribution agreement with a company from Egypt, which participates now in the tender for  Incubators.

“The results of the first day of the Exhibition confirmed  our expectations related to Arab Health”, - John McGough resumed.



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