DS5-5, DS6-12 Road traffic lights

 Module  A
 M200  238 218  130  226  155 
 M300  328.5 310  130  316  5.8  180 




- Road traffic lights are destined for regulating transport and pedestrian circulation.
- Light source of traffic lights is LED signal module.
- Traffic lights are manufactured in accordance with IEC 52282-2004 and have versions: transport T.1, T.1.right, T.1.left, T1.right-left, T.1 horizontal, T2 pedestrian P.1.
- Traffic lights consist of base unit and two or three (depending on version) light optical components.
- LED signal module of traffic lights is produced in two versions: M200 and M300 as per IEC 52282-2004.
- Overall dimensions of the modules permit their installing in the light components of traffic lights of analogue types.


- Simple and convenient in maintenance and using
- Repairable
- Light filter and body are made of shockproof material – polycarbonate
- Sustains temperature difference without change of light optical properties
- Absence of phantom effect
- Energy saving


Installation and maintenance:

- Traffic lights are fixed to the pole using clamps included to the device. 

Light source type: light emitting diodes

Technical specifications of DS5-5, DS6-12
  DS5-5 DS6-12
Supply voltage 220+10% -20%V
Mains frequency 50Hz
Maximum power consumption
Chromaticity coordinates and light intensity of the signals IEC 52282-2004
Mass, not more than 
Transport version T.1 9,5 kg 12,5 kg
Pedestrian version P.1 6,5 kg 8,5 kg
Overall dimensions, not more than
Transport version T.1
998x281x535 mm
1130x376x535 mm
Pedestrian version P.1
720x281x535 mm
910x376x535 mm
Light component 281x281x440 mm 376x376x420 mm
Degree of protection
Class of protection against electrical shock II
Operating temperature range from -40˚C to +60˚C
Service life 10 years


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