High-quality modern LED-based Phototherapy Unit OFN-02 is intended for use in intensive care wards, newborns pathology departments, urgent and treatment pediatric departments and maternity hospitals.

For the OFN-02 we use state-of-the-art technology of light source – high brightness LEDs. Long-life performance of the LEDs provides working capacity of the lamp without power loss 40 thousands hours (approx.5 years). Medical-technical performances of phototherapy unit are significantly better than corresponding performances of lamp irradiators.

The principle of operation of the device is based on irradiation of child skin using light in spectral range 450-500 nm (blue radiation), which results in reduction of bilirubin concentration in blood.

Using of new radiation source makes phototherapy more effective, reduces the period of treatment, eliminates harmful side effects, which inheres to lamp light source. Therapeutic efficacy improves due to increase of spectral density of radiated power two times more in comparison with lamp irradiator.

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